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Belden Style Cable

Typically used for security.
7×0.194mm2 Tinned Copper cable with screened cores in an LSF sheathing.
Available in 6, 8 or 10 core.
All CQR cables are certified and tested to EN50575:2014 – CPR 305/2011 and conform to BS4737-3.30:2015.
Belden Style Data cable sheathed in LSF is Type 2.
Meets Belden Style specifications 9536, 9538 and 9540. 
Other cable lengths available on request.


Belden Style Datasheet here
Installation Manuals here




Core: 0.75mm = 7 x 0.194mm2
Conductor Area: 0.207mm2
Max Voltage: 50V
Operating Temp: 70oC
Screening: CQRFOIL
Drain Wire: Soft Tinned Copper
Standard Sheath – LSF Cores – PVC

Code Cores Length Colour Type
Belden Style Cables Screened
CABS6/GY/LSF/100 6 100mtrs  Grey 2
CABS8/GY/LSF/100 8 100mtrs Grey  2
CABS10/GY/LSF/100 10 100mtrs Grey  2