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Flame Retardant Cable

Coloured Rip Cord in all CQR cable
From 2017, all cable manufactured by CQR will contain a colour ripcord.  This will help identify the BS4737-3.30:2015 cable type after installation. BS4737


Flame retardant cable fully compliant to IEC 60332-3-24 regulations designed to resist the spread of fire vertically within a building.   CABF4CQR manufactures a 2 and 4 core flame retardant cable which can be specified on installations that have a risk of flames spreading between floors.

4 core white Fire resistant security alarm cable
www.cqr.co.uk_images_logos_buttons_cable_Fire Cable 2 Core www.cqr.co.uk_images_logos_buttons_cable_Fire Cable 2 Core rd
   2 Core         2 Core  
www.cqr.co.uk_images_logos_buttons_cable_Fire Cable 4 Core www.cqr.co.uk_images_logos_buttons_cable_Fire Cable 4 Core rd
   4 Core       4 Core  

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  • Flame Retardant

    1 x 0.76
    38 Ohms/Km
    Conductor area:
    Solid Copper
    Core Insulation:
    PVC Type R2
    PVC Type RZ
    Operating Temp:
    -20 to +85oC
    Mylar Layer:
    Mylar 13mm Width
    Screening: Aluminium
    Drain Wire: Soft Tinned Copper

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Professional 14 Strands BS4737-3.30:2015 Type 2 Cable
CABF2/RD/100M 2 Core Red Flame Ret, 100mtr
CABF2/RD/500M 2 Core Red Flame Ret, 500mtr
 CABF2/WH/100M 2 Core White Flame Ret, 100mt
 CABF4/RD/100M 2 Core Red Flame Ret, 100mtr
 CABF4/RD/200M 2 Core Red Flame Ret, 200mtr
 CABF4/WH/100M 2 Core White Flame Ret, 100mtr
Other sizes and lengths available

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Flame Retardant Cable www.cqr.co.uk_images_logos_buttons_Fire_click here
Installation Manuals twisted pairs

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• 35 Years experience of security alarm cable manufacturing in the United Kingdom 

• Wide range of alarm cable types including: Professional, Screened, CCA, Power & Data, Fire Resistant, Low Smoke & Fume

• All Security Cable is user friendly, easy to strip & pliable in use