CQR Firebrand – Addressable Fire Panel 2017-10-12T09:53:06+00:00

FI-A FireBrand Addressable Fire Panel 

The FireBrand  FI/PN/A/1L is a single loop analogue addressable control panel which can be expanded to two. It provides a cost effective solution for small to medium size installations.

CPR and EN54-11 Approved.

CQR Addressable Fire Panel


  • 125 Addressable devices per loop
  • 16 Zone LED display (32 on NET panel)
  • 384 Programmable zones
  • 512 Programmable I/O & sounder groups
  • Multiple protocols available
  • Multiple language support


Also Available:
FI/PN/A/MREP – Addressable Mini Repeater Panel
FI/PN/A/REP – Addressable Repeater Panel
FI/PANELLEAD – Fire Panel Lead (Driver needed)
FI/AC/A/ODYSSEY – Odyssey Software for Addressable Panels
FI/AC/SOFTWARE – CONNECT Software for Firebrand Panel