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Multi Indicator Switch Mode Power Supplies

The CQR range of switched-mode power supplies ( SMPS) incorporate the latest highly efficient technology.

Multi Indicator Ungraded Type A

  • A range of quality ungraded type A Switch Mode Power Supplies
  • Delivering 12volts DC at 1,2 ,3 & 5 Amper
  • Available in small and medium casing sizes
  • LED status indicators   Green LED – Power Status   Orange LED – Battery standby status   Red LED – Fuse fault
  • Will accept 7-8 AH rechargeable batteries and has a battery protection circuit to protect against reverse polarity.

Multi Indicator switch mode power supplies


Small switch mode power supply   Medium switch mode power supply   Large switch mode power supply

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Multi Indicator Switch Mode Power Supplies

  • 12 Volt
  • Reduces Power Consumption
  • Resettable Fuses
  • Saves Money
  • Full Current to Load
  • 3 Box Sizes available – see below
  • Reverse Battery Protection
  • Over Voltage Protection
  • Over Current Protection
  • AC ‘On’ Indicator
  • Standby Indicator
  • 12v Output fuse fault indicator


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Multi Indicator Product Codes

PSS12V1A/MI/A 12 volt 1 amp box A
PSS12V1A/MI/B 12 volt 1 amp box B
PSS12V1A/MI/C 12 volt 1 amp box C
PSS12V2A/MI/A 12 volt 2 amp box A
PSS12V2A/MI/B 12 volt 2 amp box B
PSS12V2A/MI/C 12 volt 2 amp box C
PSS12V3A/MI/A 12 volt3 amp box A
PSS12V3A/MI/B 12 volt 3 amp box B
PSS12V3A/MI/C 12 volt 3 amp box C
PSS12V5A/MI/A 12 volt 5 amp box A
PSS12V5A/MI/B 12 volt 5 amp box B
PSS12V5A/MI/C 12 volt 5 amp box C

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Datasheets and Installation Manuals

Power Supplies Quick Guide single indicator
PSS12V1A/MI/box size Datasheet here
PSS12V2A/MI/box size Datasheet here
PSS12V3A/MI/box size Datasheet here
PSS12V5A/MI/box size Datasheet here
Installation Manuals twisted pairs

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Box Type Box A Box B Box C
Size 230 x 170 x 100mm 260 x 320 x 100mm 400 x 425 x 100mm
Weight 2.0 kg 3.5 kg 4.5 kg
Max No. of Batteries (12V 7AH) 1 2 3